The North American Karate Do Federation was founded in 1968 by Master Kazumi Tabata. A year later, Master Tabata introduced karate-do to local colleges, creating the New England Collegiate Karate Conference. Since then, the organization has seen the usual ups and downs in membership, but continues to strive to bring the art of karate-do to people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels.

Many have started their training at the college level as a member of the NECKC. Upon graduation, they joined with NAKF schools and continued their training. Some members have been with the NAKF for 20 years or more! In addition, some young students have joined the NAKF to start their training alongside their parents, making the NAKF a family-friendly organization.

Promotion Tests and Inter-school tournaments are a regular tradition with the organization. Promotion tests for the NECKC are held at the end of each college semester, at the different college locations. NAKF promotions are generally held two to three times a year, at different times than the NECKC promotions, in a centrally located school.

You can learn more about the schools in the NAKF and the NECKC in the Schools section of the website.


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