Congratulations to Vazrik Chiloyan and Paul Rocheteau on their recent promotion to SHODAN. The test took place Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at Hill Hall, Tufts University.

Additional congratulations to Sensei Gayle Fleming on reaching her NIDAN, and Andrea Tondo on his promotion to SANDAN!

Finally, congratulations to all who tested and promoted that day. They are:

Name School New Rank
George Borg Tiger Mountain Shotokan Karate 9th Kyu, Yellow
Matt Andreason Pepperell 8th Kyu A, Orange
Aidan Morehouse Pepperell 8th Kyu A, Orange
Rylie Dupuis Pepperell 8th Kyu A, Orange
Brendan Lister Pepperell 8th Kyu A, Orange
Charles Midget   2 Kyu, Brown
Nathan Ricci 1st Kyu, Brown
Asi Yahola-Somburu Tufts Shodan 2 Kyu
Brian Neltner MIT Shodan 2Kyu
Vazrik Chiloyan MIT SHODAN
Paul Rocheteau Tufts SHODAN
Gayle Fleming Tiger Mountain Shotokan Karate NIDAN
Andrea Tondo Haverhill Shotokan Karate SANDAN