Located in Pepperell, MA, this school is the newest addition to the NAKF. Students train there under Sensei Brett Morehouse.

"Karate is Fun!" -- Pepperell Karate

Introduction to Karate for boys and girls.

Students will learn the fundamentals of Shotokan Karate in a safe, fun environment.


Instructor Brett Morehouse (right)


For schedule and more information, please go to Pepperell Karate


Instructor and Organization
The class is taught by Brett Morehouse, a Pepperell parent, who holds the rank of black belt in Shotokan. Brett taught at the college level at UMass at Amherst , and the class received very high student reviews. He also tested to 3rd kyu in Aikido, his secondary style.
Brett is part of the North American Karate Federation, which is run by Shihan Kazumi Tabata of Boston . Shihan Tabata is an 8th degree black belt, and was captain of the US Karate Team for 20 years.
Brett is an active tournament competitor, with first place wins in individual and team fighting.

This class is to be safe for kids with no contact to the face, and minimal contact overall.
The curriculum includes:
A structured warm up - Shotokan
Basic drills – Shotokan
Kata/forms (sets of pre-arranged movements) - Shotokan
Breaking free of different grabs - Aikido

Learning to break free of a grab is a foundation for children to resist abduction.

Join us!
Please email to sign up.

Students should wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water to class.


The Community Center is a one story, white building visible from the rotary at the center of Pepperell.

This is the rotary where Rt 113, Rt 111, and Rt 122 come together. The Community Center is on the North side of the rotary at the start of Rt 122; it is next to basketball courts.

The kid's karate class alternates upstairs and downstairs levels every other Tuesday evening.


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